The Twin Run – A Look Back

twin run

Emotions at the event were all over the place. A personal disappointment is washed away with the success of the overarching goal; draw attention and raise money for The TAPS Support Foundation to fund research into twins.

And the Twin Run has been able to make a very nice contribution to this with more than 10,000 euros. Unfortunately, I had to change the plan to run 150 kilometres after 60 kilometres due to an injury to the Achilles tendon. We were able to bring Plan B to a successful conclusion.

The result exceeds my expectations but is exactly what we did it for. This way we could give something back for the care and treatments we received. We as parents, and of course our sons in the womb and beyond. In the end, we already give every twin an equal opportunity in the womb and we have now been able to contribute to that. I say we because this idea was conceived together with my wife. Now we can look back together on a successful event in which we were sometimes thrown back to memories of a year ago.

The predominant feeling now is gratitude. Grateful for all the donations, for all the supportive and encouraging messages. Grateful for the sponsors who showed off on the shirt and also for the people who stood on the side, walked or cycled parts. Grateful for my parents who followed the whole route with support, food and drink. Grateful to Stephanie who really knows how to achieve something for complicated twin pregnancies with the TAPS Support Foundation and made this run so great. Grateful for the neonatal care in the hospitals and the fetal treatment team of the LUMC so that I can now also be very grateful for our family, my wife and my beautiful sons.