Twin Day

Registrations close on May 1st, 2023

A monochorionic multiple pregnancy is rare. As a result, parents expecting these multiple births often do not know other parents who are going through the same thing. Zeker wanneer bij deze meerling een complicatie zoals TTS, TAPS, sFGR of TRAP wordt vastgesteld, zijn lotgenoten in de nabije omgeving vaak lastig te vinden.

To bring parents of complicated monochorionic multiple pregnancies together, the Leiden University Medical Center is organizing the Twin Day on 14 May 2023 in collaboration with the TAPS Support Foundation.

twin day twin run taps support

On the Twin Day, families who have experienced a complicated multiple pregnancy can meet, exchange stories, and share experiences.

The Twin Day will link up with the Twin Run, a sponsored run that aims to raise money for multiple pregnancy research.


The Twin Day will occur in Leiden, in a closed green playground called ‘Speeltuin Vogelenwijk‘. Here, parents will be able to get to know each other while enjoying a snack and a drink. Here there will be ample opportunity for parents to get to know each other over snacks and drinks.

The children can play in the playground, and games and activities are also organized for them to participate in.


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Registrations close on May 1st, 2023