Fundraising Targets

The money we raise goes towards funding the Well Bee Study, a novel initiative of the LUMC Fetal Therapy Team. This study aims to provide insights into the needs of parents diagnosed with complications in a monochorionic twin pregnancy, and help them raise the bar on their already high standards of care in twin pregnancies.


The objective is to place a Ph.D. student into the study over a 4 year period. This would mean raising a total of €280,000 – which includes all the costs and overheads that we would anticipate. Our first target is €10,000, to purchase the survey platform needed to start the study, followed by the second target of funding 1 year of research (€70,000)

This amount is needed to purchase the survey platform.

This amount would see a Ph.D. student employed for 1 year.

This amount would see a Ph.D. student employed for 2 years.

This amount would see a Ph.D. student employed for 3 years.

This amount would see a Ph.D. student complete this research project.

The more money raised, the closer we are to installing a full-time Ph.D. student on this important research project. Every donation counts, and we’re committed to full transparency about how your money is used.

100% of donations after platform/banking fees go straight to The Twin Run account. We keep these to an absolute minimum as best we can. We are also committed to sharing our proposed budget once it is available.

Platform Costs

Both Kentaa and Mollie do have fees associated with using their platforms. We’ve selected these platforms as they have reasonable fees that won’t waste your donations. ING is our bank.

Additional Costs

The Twin Run also has some small additional costs associated with the Twin Run and the Twin Day. These include website hosting, medal presentations, promotional materials, and catering for the Twin Day. Again, we try to keep these costs to a minimum, so we seek sponsorships and donations for these items. Please get in touch if you can help out!