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Messages From The Virtual Cheer Squad

Hi Mart, what a huge challenge you are taking on. Cheers! Go for it. Goodluck!!
– Jelle & Leah

Good luck Mart, and a wonderful future for you and the boys.
– John & Wil

Go get them, Mart! For your beautiful boys and all the children who need this help in the future!!! Good luck!
– Jaimy

Good Luck, Mart!
– Sebastiaan & Lisanne

Very nice goal! Good luck Mart! – Marjo

Great initiative! As a mother of twins, I know exactly what you mean. I had no complications but was very careful and wary throughout the pregnancy. Only after birth could I enjoy myself and the tension left.
– Monique

Good luck Mart and a wonderful project. I know from your own experience how important this is!

You are a champ!
– Joey, Annemarie, Nella, and Sjakie

Nice project. I wish you the best of luck!
– Michele

Good luck! – Yvonne

Succes! – Herman

We’re supporting Mart Smit’s Run for research. – Cornelis & Ann

Succes! – Liesbeth

Already a mega achievement. Good luck and I hope you are well over your target. Success!
– Gertjan

Good luck with your run, we are happy to contribute to this great cause!!
– Ayla & Jarno

Good Luck! – Annemarie

Goodluck! – Jose

Goodluck Mart! – Manon

Goodluck! – Lisa

Lots of Luck! – Michelle & Sander

Good Luck! – Kylie

Best of luck, Mart! Awesome! – Saskia

Dear Mart, What a champ you are! And the distance you are you going to run, much respect! We wish you a lot of success
– Do & Hester

Good luck very nice initiative. – Wilma

Success neighbour! – Klaas & Jennifer

Go get it, Mart! Simone

Good luck – Marjo

Go get em Mart! – Peter

Good luck and enjoy your kids. We also got our daughters home healthy with the help of LUMC Leiden. Super hospital!
– Mieke

As grandparents of the twins of Mart and Sylvia we were very scared and then we are very happy now that the boys are doing well. We really hope that things continue to go well and that they grow up to be happy people.
– Jan & Astrid

Best of luck! – John

Lots of luck, Mart! – Angelina

Success Mart, you can do it! Anne-Marie

Best of luck! – Carola

You can do it! – Mara

Success Mart! Awesome project! – Tim

How wonderful that you are doing this! Good luck!! – Irma

Success Mart!!! – Desiree

Good luck! Glad your kids are doing well now. I hope you raise lots of money!.
– L

Mart, we thought about you a lot last year and we are very happy to read that your sons are doing well. Best of luck in reaching your goal!
– Patricia & Theo

Best of luck! – Jolanda

Go for it Mart! Wonderful motivation for a wonderful cause and for wonderful guys.
– Ralph

Good Luck, Mart! – Arina

You are awesome! Glad all is well with your little guys! Good luck and enjoy.
– Gwenda

Good Luck, Mart! – Jasmine

Go for it! – A

Lots of luck, and also for the future of your sons!
– Natasja & Hans

Good luck Mart! – Rob & Irma

Amazing project! Good luck! – Marit

For all multiples. My mother was one of twins, her sister did not survive.

Good luck with preparations and the run itself. You are amazing. How lucky your boys are to have such a father!
– Sietske

Super! – Tjeerd, Christianna & Matthias

Go get it for this great cause! – Annet

Wishing you all the success, Mart! You can do it! – Jelle

Not a day goes by when we don’t think about how lucky we are that our girls are with us, thanks to the wonderful twin researchers that supported us. May many more families share our joy and more lives be saved. – Joel

Success! – The Verver Family

Great Cause! You can do it Mart! – Charles and Yvonne

Good luck and a great gesture! – Fred

Go get it, Mart! Fantastic initiative – Madelaine

This is an amazing thing you’re doing! – Annemarie

For our little twin boy who didn’t make it, a contribution to the research so that hopefully more and more twins can grow up together! – Lieke

Mart, you’re doing a great thing. Hats off to you! – Jan

Go Mart! – Irma

A lot of success and what a beautiful initiative – Joke

Success Mart, and good luck! – Debby

A lot of success, Mart. Beautiful initiative. – Nanette

Success! Annemarie

A lot of success and fun; wonderful initiative! – Babyecho3D4U NH

Success and pleasure, great cause! – Souhailla

What a great idea for a good cause! – Mark

You can do it, Mart! – David

Success! – Marjan

I don’t know you, but what a great initiative! Good luck! – Ruud

Success! – Suzanne

I live in Alkmaar, my partner in Hoorn, and I work in the LUMC – That’s reason enough to give a donation to your cause! – David

For us, it has been almost 4 years (September 2017) since our twin daughters were operated on at 18 weeks for TAPS and TTTS in the LUMC by Dr Haak and her team. We are also eternally grateful to LUMC. Our daughters Norah & Leah were born prematurely at 29.4 with a tough start, but luckily we still have them both in good health! Good luck with the run! Go for it! – Felicia

Good Luck! What you’re doing is amazing. – Cleme en Ayu

Go for it! – Fleur

Success! – Thomas

Success! – Udo

You can do it Mart! – Yvonne

Mart, wat een mega uitdaging ga je aan met een prachtig doel! Veel succes met de voorbereidingen nog en we gaan je natuurlijk supporter! – Sjaak & Manon

Success! – Stefan

Dear Mart en Sylvia, What a tough time you’ve had. We live near you. We are happy to support your beautiful initiative. good luck with the preparations for the running event and of course for October 8 -10. kind regards- Huub and Sylvia

Lots of Luck! – T

Lots of luck, Mart! I hope you raise a lot of money! – Janny

Wishing you strength and success! – Wilma

Success Mart! – Ellen

Success! – Maaike

Success! – Bart

What a great cause, Mart and Sylvia and that the inspiration for this challenge is to go running to the hospitals where Lennard and Thomas stayed. Goodluck ! – Annie

Hello from the States! My name is Kayleen Everitt, I recently came across The Twin Run through Stephanie with the TAPS Support Foundation. Our family was affected by TAPS in 2019. Our survivor is now two years old; he’s a tad tiny but oh-so-mighty! In an effort to honor our son, who we lost shortly after birth, and give back to the incredible medical team we created our own fundraiser called 30milesforben back in June. We are moved by your family’s story and your efforts in supporting TAPS research. Thank you.  Wishing you the best of luck on the run and sending your family strength and happiness as they grow. – Kayleen (

Lots of Luck! – Rico

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